Friday, June 29, 2012

Two Elephants in a Ganesha Temple

Dreamed that some people took two elephants into a Ganesha shrine. One was dark gray and the other was a light tan color. Both elephants were decorated in the traditional Indian way with gold ornaments, jewelry, paint and tilaks (sacred markings with ash and vermillion). Then I saw both elephants laying on the ground on their bellies with their front legs stretched out in front of them and rear legs stretched out behind. They were facing the Ganesha murtis (statues) that were on the altar. The Ganesha statues were about 3 feet tall. Looked like there were 3 statues on the altar platform. The dark elephant was on Ganesha's right and the tan colored one was on Ganesha's left.

At one point I was standing near the elephants looking at the statues. Then the scene switched and I was standing near the statues looking at the elephants. The elephants were both gazing at the Ganesha statues with sincere devotion and love, and they looked very nice with all their decorations. This is the first dream I remember having about Ganesha.

Comment: Ganesha (the elephant headed god) is one of the many Hindu gods. If you're not familiar with Ganesha, do a google search. The story of Ganesha is very entertaining. Every morning and evening I make a little offering to the small Ganesha statue I have in my room.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amma Hand Darshan and Amma Singing

Dreamed that I was helping to clean up a big hall for an Amma program. Then I was transferred to helping clean up Amma's house where she was staying during the program. We got the house looking really nice. Then Amma arrived and we lined up to greet her. We were standing on Amma's left side as she walked in. Amma's right hand was up so I reached across Amma with my left hand to touch her right hand (also called "getting a hand darshan"). Amma was wearing bronze colored western style clothes. Then Amma went to the living room for a meeting with some devotees. She sat on an easy chair and I was sitting nearby on a sofa with another person. I was on Amma's left side. It felt wonderful to be close to Amma. But soon I had to leave the meeting because someone wanted to talk to Amma privately. I stood up and then bowed down to Amma. I was feeling a lot of love and devotion to Amma and I started to cry a little. But I turned away so Amma couldn't see my tears. I didn't want Amma to think I was indulging in my emotions. After I left the room I heard some man asking Amma "What is the nature of mind?!" He was asking in a real intense, pleading voice.

Later on that evening Amma sang some songs and her voice was just so beautiful! Very heavenly! Then I went out for a walk in the neighborhood. During the walk I saw some kids riding these weird looking motorcycles. Then I came back to the Amma house. As I walked in some guy bowed down to me. I was confused and didn't know why he did this. But I touched the ground in front of him as a sign of respect. I looked to see if Amma was in the living room but she wasn't; just some devotees there meditating. One of them was crying and crying. There was some music playing and I was adjusting the volume.

Then I dreamed that I recorded this dream into a strange looking voice recorder. Later on I woke up for real. Luckily I still remembered the dream and was able to record it.