Monday, March 01, 2010

Amma Painted in the Sky

Dreamed that I was watching these really big beautiful ethereal paintings of Amma up in the sky. It was like Amma was painted in the clouds with these beautiful orange, red, yellow and gold colors. I was seeing the spiritual body of Amma. Amma was busy taking care of various problems around the world and sometimes She had to leave. I would feel sad when She left. At one point I was watching Amma leave and feeling sad. Amma sensed my feelings and She turned to come toward me to console me. I said "No. No, Amma. Don't worry about me. I'll be OK. Please go do Your duty." Amma then continued on Her way and I was eagerly waiting Her return. I was feelings lots of devotion.

At another point in the dream I was hugging Amma and it felt so wonderful. Then Amma was walking away from me thru a field of beautiful orange, red and yellow colors. I was looking at Amma from behind and She was wearing blue jeans and a white and blue blouse. She was thinner and taller than Her actual physical body. She was going to help some other people.