Monday, April 23, 2012

Amma as a Young Blond Girl

Dreamed that I was in a room with Amma and we were talking about various things. At the beginning of the dream Amma was dressed in light beige Western clothes. Later on she was a young blond girl about 5 years old. Throughout the dream I was feeling lots of love and devotion for Amma and I was feeling very blessed to be able to talk to Her. I remember reaching out and holding Her hands, Very nice. At one point Amma said something like "I need to stay here to take care of all My children."

After this dream I dreamed about eagerly looking for my voice recorder so I could record the dream. Later on I woke to use the toilet. As I was going back to sleep, the Amma dream popped into my mind and I recorded it, but I didn't remember any more details of what Amma and I discussed.

Then later on I dreamed I was walking around a really, really big red brick mansion that was being built. For some reason "mansions in the process of construction" has been a recurring theme in my recent dreams.