Saturday, August 11, 2007

Philosophy Exam, Oneness Bliss and Squishing Crickets

Dreamed that I was in this philosophy class. The chair I wanted to sit in was occupied but I just stood behind the chair and the person moved. The teacher was a male. He was introducing the final exam. Then the scene shifted and we were all sitting on the floor around the teacher. As he was introducing the final exam I went into this dreamy bliss state where I was deeply feeling the Oneness. At one point while in this state I saw this pattern of small black and white lines and pixels that seemed to be a visual representation of the Oneness. As the teacher was speaking I was thinking how philosophy was so small and irrelevant when compared to the infinite Oneness. Then the teacher handed out the exam and it had a child's drawing on it. The exam was to write a long philosophical essay about why the drawing was good. I was thinking that on the test I would just write something like "There is only the Oneness! But if I need to write more to pass the test, here is a bunch of blah blah blah philosophical mumbo-jumbo." While I was in the intense dreamy Oneness state, I was trying to be quiet and discreet so people wouldn't catch on to what I was really feeling. Then the feeling of Oneness got so intense I said "There is only the Oneness!" in a loud dreamy voice. Then I thought "Oh well, the cat is out of the bag. Now everyone knows." The teacher asked me "What is the secret?" and in a dreamy spaced-out voice I replied "This! This! There is only This!"

Then I was with this guy who was making some food and he had some leftovers. I was going to ask for the leftovers but then I thought "No, if God wants me to have them, He'll give them to me." Then I saw a cricket in the sink and I immediately squished it. I felt some guilt about this and wondered if it was OK to squish it. The other guy was going to use the cricket in his recipe.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Give Letter and Money to Amma

Dreamed that I was supposed to give a letter to Amma. I remember driving down the road and needing to merge into traffic. The letter had something to do with this Brazilian guy who was very upset for some reason. It seemed one of his relatives or friends died or was in danger. I was watching him cry and vent his frustration. He was very upset!

Then the scene shifted and I was walking thru Amma's ashram. I saw Big Swami (Swami Amritaswarupananda) walking by. I said "Hey Swami!" but he didn't turn to look at me. He just threw some US money on the ground and kept walking. He seemed busy and was in a serious mood. I picked up the money and it was about $70 in bills and coins. Then I saw Amma walking by! She looked young and was in a playful mood. I was very happy and felt lots of devotion. Then Amma was sitting on some stairs outside. As I walked up to Amma I said in a joking way "Amma, I want to give you this letter and some love." Amma gave me a big smile and I felt very happy. I gave the letter and money to Amma. Then I reached out and touched and kissed Her feet. I felt very happy. Amma was wearing white socks but they were kind of dingy in color. I think She was wearing an orange sari.