Thursday, April 19, 2007

Advaita discussion with Amma

Dreamed that I was with Amma and this small group of people. Amma was letting us ask Her some questions and we were getting into a discussion about advaita (non-duality). It seemed like we were all driving in a car. Amma was in the front passenger seat and I was rear seat directly behind Her. Amma was turning Her head to look at us and She was very close to me. It felt REALLY good to see Amma's eyes so clearly. I was feeling a lot of devotion and I felt kind of joyfully overwhelmed and nervous when Amma looked at me. Her eyes were golden brown. I asked Amma "Is it true that everything is Divine Consciousness?" Amma replied "Yes, that is true. But in order to talk about it you have to get rid of the individual "me"." This made me feel a little nervous about when I talk about advaita with friends. Then someone else asked me "Do you honestly feel One with everything?" I replied "Yes, I do feel that." As I was replying I was looking at this beautiful hill that was covered with bright green grass and white and yellow flowers. I was feeling Oneness with the whole hill; even the other side which I couldn't see. I could "feel" the other side of the hill. There was beautiful blue sky surrounding the hill. Then Amma shared about some spiritual practice She used to do . . . something called the "Grandfather practice". We were driving somewhere in the DC area and we had to head north to New York or Maine.