Monday, February 23, 2009

Walking with Amma and Holding Her Hand

Dreamed that I was at this Amma program. At one point She was leaving the program and walking out of the building. Lots of devotees were walking with Her. She was walking pretty fast and I saw an opening on Her right side. I popped in and took a hold of Her right hand. I was feeling happy to be so close to Amma. She was wearing a red sweater and looked like an older white lady. She had wrinkles and Her skin was pretty light colored.

As we were both walking together with me holding Her hand I was leaning close to Amma and saying "Thank You, Thank You for all You do for us. You are a blessing to all of us. Thank You. Thank You." I was feeling lots of appreciation and devotion for Amma. Then Amma said something to me like "You know that young girl that drinks who comes by? She ought to be a credenza." I was puzzled and didn't know what She meant. In the dream I was wondering if Amma was referring to my girlfriend and maybe telling me I should be careful in my relationship with her.

Then I moved to Amma's left side and took a hold of Her left hand. Again I was telling Amma "Thank You." and expressing my appreciation for all She does for us. Amma kept on walking and looking ahead. She was cool and centered and accepting what I was saying.