Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Zen Master Wants 3 Bows.

Dreamed I was at this ballet performance and the lead ballerina was doing a butterfly dance. Then I was sitting in a white floor hallway next to the wall when this female bald Asian Zen teacher arrived with her attendants. She was wearing brown Zen master robes. I decided it would be OK to bow to her feet, so I did. As I was coming up from my first bow, she said "You should bow to me three times." Then she grabbed my hair and gently forced me to bow two more times. It seemed OK to me so I didn't fight back. She seemed like an authentic Zen teacher. I remember feeling her grabbing my hair but it didn't hurt too much. Then she left and I began talking with this attractive woman next to me who was involved with the KPC Buddhist center in Maryland. I was asking her about her Dharma practice.