Thursday, November 01, 2012

Amma Talking to Storm Troopers

Dreamed that I was traveling with Amma. When she got in the car at the beginning of the trip, she looked youthful in her white saree. We arrived at the destination and when she got out of the car she looked older and ill. She was using a walker and many of her teeth were missing. But I could feel that she was still blissful and peaceful inside.

We arrived at some kind of military base and I saw people busily working to get it cleaned up for Amma. Later I was walking in a hall and saw a sign that read, "Amma. General." which meant that Amma was the top boss of the base. Then I saw Amma strong and confident and healthy and walking normally again. She had healed whatever problem had afflicted her earlier.

Then I saw Amma giving a talk to a room full of Star Wars Storm Troopers. Their white armor uniforms were in bags strapped to their backs. There were too many Storm Troopers and I think Amma was telling them about how their numbers needed to get reduced and what they could do after being a Storm Trooper. (I wonder how "Storm Trooper" looks on a resume?)

Then a small group of us with Amma walked into this really, really big room with tall stone pillars, a very high roof and a beautiful expansive white marble floor. I did the first thing I always do when I see a floor like that which is to start skating. My shoes were still on and I started skating on the floor just like it was ice and I was wearing ice skates (but I was wearing regular shoes, or I may have been just in socks; can't quite remember). I saw some other man also skating like me but his shoes did have ice skate blades. I tried to see how fast I could go! It was a lot of fun and I was amazed at how big the room was. It seemed there were some big windows and lots of nice light was coming in making it brightly lit. I love the feeling of skating.

Comment: I have skating dreams all the time; they're very common and always lots of fun. One day I'd like to figure out what they mean.