Monday, January 12, 2009

Prostration and Amma's Hug.

Dreamed that I was at this small Amma program taking place in what looked like a living room. Amma was on a sofa wearing yellow and giving darshan (hugs). I noticed that the last person in line was getting darshan and I suddenly realized that I also wanted darshan. I quickly took off my shoes and did a full body prostration to Amma. I was flat on the ground on my belly and I put my hands on Amma's feet (I was on Amma's right side). Then I kneeled in front of Amma and She wrapped me in Her arms. It was a wonderful hug. Amma was patting my lower back with Her left hand and rubbing my upper back with Her right hand. I also had my arms wrapped around Amma. At the beginning of the hug I tried to keep my mind empty and open. But during the 2nd half of the hug I was saying in my mind "Amma, please help me. Please guide me." Then, while still in the dream, I suddenly woke up in another bed in some other place. I gave a little shout when I woke because I was very confused. How did I get from Amma's hug to this strange bed? I think my family was in the other room and I was embarrassed because I think I woke them up with my shout.