Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amma at Playground

Dreamed that me and some other people were casually hanging around Amma at a playground. All I wanted to do was to look in Amma's eyes. I was feeling lots of devotion for Amma and yearning to be close to her. We were sitting at a picnic table and Amma was standing nearby wearing a white saree. I wanted to just look at her but I also didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable with my stare. Then we were walking around and I was imagining how nice it would be if Amma put her arm in mine.

Comment: Earlier that night I woke up with a painful headache over my right eye. It hurt pretty bad. I mentally asked Amma if she could take it away just enough so I could get back to sleep. I also took an aspirin and was finally able to get back to sleep.