Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amma Lifted Up.

Dreamed that I was on stage at this Amma program. A young boy was on the stage and Amma was sitting right in front of the stage. The young boy came to Amma to get a hug, but he fell and Amma also fell out of Her seat. Then I saw someone grab Amma by both hands and lift Her up, like the way a parent will lift up a young child. Amma looked to be slightly annoyed but bearing it all patiently. I was thinking the guy must be pretty strong if he could lift up Amma. Amma was dressed in Her usual bright white sari.

Then Amma, the boy, I and some other adult man stood up together on this big bed and we all put our arms around each other. The sequence was me, the young boy, the other man and Amma. The man was dressed in white and was another Amma devotee. I reached out behind their backs with my right arm and took hold of Amma's left hand. It felt really good to be holding Her hand. We were slowly moving around on the bed and Amma was speaking to us and sharing wisdom about what may be happening in the world in the near future. At one point Amma said "There will be some big changes happening soon. Maybe even as soon as this Sunday. But don't worry." Amma was speaking clearly in English and emphasizing that we didn't need to worry about all the upcoming changes. I wish I could remember all the things She said. There was some stuff on the bed and I had to make sure we didn't step on those items as we slowly moved around together in our group hug. I was halfway conscious in the dream and part of me was wondering how long the dream would last.