Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Dream about Small Green Snakes

Last night I dreamed I was talking to this nice dark haired guy. He pulled a bright green snake out of his front shirt pocket. The snake crawled over his arm. Then he reached down and a little green cobra reared up out of the same pocket. The cobra then gently bit his finger but didn't hurt anything. I clearly saw the hood of the cobra. I was nervous but it seemed the cobra was gentle and well trained. Then I had the two snakes in my shirt pocket and I was walking around. I was saying the mantra "OM" and the vibrations of the sound were rumbling in my chest. I thought this would keep the snakes calm.

Commentary: This dream is interesting because on the morning of July 3rd, 2006 I had an Amma dream that also included a small green cobra. Later that same day I met an Advaita teacher named Emmett Walz. Emmett triggered the sudden and unexpected end of my many years of obsessive spiritual seeking and the realization that I and everything are the primordial Supreme Consciousness.