Saturday, May 23, 2015

Flying and Running Toward Ganesha.

Dreamed that I was flying over this rocky coastline and there was a thin strip of grayish sand between the rocks and the ocean. The ocean was pretty calm and the scene was kind of drab and drained of color. I was really enjoying the feeling of flying and I was thinking "Just breathe and relax and enjoy it and don't worry if you sink to the ground." I was about 500 feet in the air. Then I floated down to the ground onto the strip of sand. About 50 feet behind me was an elephant that was a greenish gray color. I got scared of the elephant and ran away. Then suddenly I thought to myself "Its better that I face my fear." Then I turned around (still feeling scared) and ran right to the elephant. When I got to the elephant I was holding one of its legs and saying "Ganesha, Ganesha." in a soothing way hoping that would keep it from hurting me.

Comment: Ganesha is one of the many gods of Hinduism. Ganesha has the body of a strong young man and the head of an elephant. Ganesha is considered the "remover of obstacles". Hindus pray and make offerings to him in order to have personal and business success.