Thursday, May 07, 2009

Messy Prasad Chocolate

Dreamed that I was at this big outdoor Amma program. Lots of people were there. Somehow I was led to a seat in the second row close to Amma. At first there was some other lady (not Amma) sitting in the front. Someone beside me said something like "Oh, don't expect any darshan at this program." Soon after that Amma was sitting there in the front and She started to hand out pieces of chocolate. Amma reached out and gave some to me and soon I had a mess of melted chocolate all over my hands. I ate some of the chocolate and I was thinking about licking the rest off my hand. One small piece of my prasad chocolate fell down on the floor to my right and I leaned down, picked it up and popped it into my mouth.

I was thinking about all the other people there who weren't able to get chocolate directly from Amma but a part of me knew that Amma would take care of them in a good way. I looked to Amma and She was also eating some prasad chocolate, but She was chewing it with Her mouth open. That looked kind of yucky but I thought that Amma must be doing that for some good reason. Amma was dressed in Her usual white sari.