Saturday, July 26, 2014

Amma In Red, Falls Over Backwards.

Dreamed that I was at a table sitting near Amma. Other people were there eating their meals. I was about 3 or 4 chairs away from Amma and enjoying the peace of sitting in her presence. People were coming and going. I discovered that my cup was missing so I walked behind Amma to the kitchen to get another one.

In another part of the dream Amma was sitting on cushion on a big stage in front of a large audience. She was dressed in a bright red Devi Bhava outfit and had a red turban on her head. Her saree and turban had lots of little gold ornaments. There was no one else on stage and I was floating above the audience looking at Amma from her right hand side. The floor of the stage was made from a light colored wood. Amma was sitting on her cushion and energetically doing the "Matarani Ki Jai!" that she usually does at the end of bhajans. She throws up her arms and shouts "Matarani Ki!" And then everyone in the audience throws up their hands and shouts "Jai!" This was happening and then Amma got so energetic that she fell over backwards! Everyone was surprised! Some western white haired lady rushed to Amma and helped get her back to sitting on her cushion. Amma was just laughing at the whole thing; she thought is was hilarious. She then put her red turban back on her head. Then the western lady behind Amma started massaging her back and shoulders and was hugging Amma from behind. It was nice to see Amma get a hug... :-)

Friday, July 25, 2014

In A Meeting Room, Staring Into Amma's Eyes.

Dreamed that I was alone in this meeting room with Amma. I was asking her questions. At one point she came closer was just looking at me. Her eyes were so beautiful and loving that I felt like crying. Then Amma moved away and I felt guilty because I couldn't maintain contact with her eyes. I wish I could remember what Amma and I were talking about.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Amma and Meeting About New Physics.

Dreamed that me and some other people were in a meeting conference room with a big square conference table in the middle. The wood was light colored. Amma was there and we were talking about doing some research. The research involved the physics of a starship drive engine that used new unknown physics beyond today's standard physics. At one point Amma was leaving the room. She was just walking thru the door when I jumped up toward Amma and asked, "Amma! Is it OK to ask a question?" I then asked, "Amma, will the science you're looking for involve principles beyond standard physics?" Amma then walked back into the room and sat in a chair and just looked at me. I was just feeling her powerful presence. I noticed that my legs were sticking out with the soles of my feet pointed toward Amma. Not good. I tucked my feet back in to correct my mistake. (In Asian cultures its impolite to point the soles of your feet to another person.) Amma's skin was very dark and she was radiating a fierce strong feeling. She didn't respond to my question but her silence seemed to answer "Yes" to my question. I was really enjoying being in her presence. There were about 10 other people in the room.