Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sleep Paralysis and Amma Losing Weight

Dreamed that I was having lots of sleep paralysis. It seemed like I was sleeping in the basement of the house I lived in before I went to college. I would feel strong waves of paralysis wash over me so I couldn't move at all. It was very scary but somehow I was able to prevent the fear from overwhelming me. After 4 or 5 waves of paralysis I saw someone coming up to my bed. I think it was Amma, but not sure. The person looked like a young lady.

Then I saw Amma being interviewed by some guy. Amma had lost a lot of weight. She wasn't skinny, just a normal lean build. Amma told the interviewer that She had been eating too much prasad from Her devotees so She decided to eat less. It seemed like the prasad was some kind of dumplings like in chicken dumpling soup. I saw some dumplings floating in chicken broth (looked pretty tasty). Amma said when She started eating less She lost "mountains of weight" so She had to start eating more devotee prasad food again. Amma was wearing a light pink dress.