Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Brother Gets Amma Darshan

Dreamed that I was in the kitchen of someone's home. Amma was with me in the kitchen. I was feeling a lot of devotion and appreciation for Amma. She was dressed in Her usual white. My younger brother Terry came into the kitchen and sat down. Then he bent down and put his chest on his thighs like he was very sad or depressed. Amma right away went to him, bent down and gave him a very sweet darshan. I was thinking that it must be difficult for Amma to bend down like that. Then I was thinking how much Amma gives to Her children. Then I noticed that my older sister Teresa was also there. It seemed she was also kind of sad.

Then Amma put on a blue Devi Bhava outfit and went into the next room. In the next room Amma slowly transformed into a younger western woman. After a while it dawned on me that this was no longer Amma. I was confused and wondering how could I miss that this was not Amma. The western woman in Amma's Devi Bhava outfit seemed joyful like Amma.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holding Amma's Left Hand,

Dreamed that I was sitting right in front of Amma's chair. She was dressed in white and giving darshan. I was on Her left side and in front of Her and facing Her. I reached out and held on to Her left hand (Amma had some extra arms so She had no problem to continue giving darshan). I was feeling a lot of devotion. Amma put Her face close to mine and gave me a beautiful smile.

Also on Amma's left hand side was an attractive woman who reminded me of Vera (my current lover). Vera's beauty was also grabbing my attention.

As I was holding Amma's hand I was quietly saying things like "Dear Amma, please guide me. Please help to open my heart." and things like that. At one point Amma smiled and said "OK, only 10 more minutes." like the way a loving mother would talk to her child. Amma was very sweet in this dream.

Note: An hour or so before this Amma dream I had a scary dream. After the scary dream I was trying to think of Amma to help the fear go away.