Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spending the Day with Amma

Dreamed that one of my former girlfriends, another guy and I spent a whole day with Amma. In the dream, Amma seemed much younger; in Her late teens or early 20's. It was totally wonderful spending so much time with Amma. We did different things during the day and went from place to place; I can't remember the details. Seemed to be a sunny day. At various times during the day I would sneak up to Amma and grab hold of Her feet. I was being slightly naughty doing this but Amma didn't seem to mind. I remember Her smiling one time when I bent down to hold Her feet. I was feeling a lot of love and devotion to Amma.

At the end of the dream my former girlfriend and I were lying down together holding each other. Her shirt was off and I was feeling mildly aroused looking at her small breasts. She was talking about us getting back together but I was saying it would be best for both of us to be celibate and go live at separate ashrams.