Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Touching Foreheads with Amma.

Dreamed I was at an Amma program and Amma was getting ready to leave. As usual, we lined up in two rows facing each other and Amma was going to walk down the middle. It seemed that most people were sitting down rather than standing. Amma walked down the line, stopped in front of me and reached out both Her hands toward me. Amma (as usual) was dressed in bright white sari. I took both of Amma's hands and She looked at me in a very sweet way with a beautiful smile. Then She said something like "Take care of yourself and be well." Then we gently touched our foreheads together and I silently said in my mind "I love You, Amma." (Tibetan Buddhists will often touch foreheads together.) I was feeling a lot of love, devotion and appreciation for Amma and I could clearly see Her beautiful loving face.

Then, as Amma moved on, some doubting thoughts came to my mind like "Why is Amma giving me special attention? Is there something inside of me I need to work on?"

Then I saw Amma giving Reiki energy healing to some older man with bright white puffy hair. He was wearing a light brown shirt. Amma was moving Her hands in the man's energy field around his body.

Then I want back to the hall to help get ready for Amma's next program later that day. At one point I was skating down a big wide hallway like I was ice skating. Fun!

(Note: Over the years it seems like I've had hundreds of dreams where I'm skating in my sock feet in some building or big hall. They're lots of fun and usually I'm skating pretty fast like I'm racing. It is the most common recurring dream I have.)