Saturday, August 01, 2015

Amma Appearing as a Man in a Blue Shirt

Dreamed that I walked into a room that had Amma and a few other people. Amma said something like "I saw your picture and started crying." I replied with something like "That's all right Amma, many people cry when they see my picture." Then I was sitting on Amma's right side and we were talking. Amma was in the form of a man who was wearing a light blue shirt, light brown pants and had a husky, muscular build like an athlete, but I could totally feel that it was Amma. I was feeling very nice being next to her. Amma was asking me to get my father to come to the ashram and do some work. Amma was also asking me to check in on my work in the kitchen and I said "OK." My father was coming to see Amma but he could only visit for short times. I was happy that my Dad was getting connected with Amma.

Then I dreamed I was outdoors with Amma with some other people. We were on a concrete parking lot. I walked by Amma but my shoes were dirty and left some dirt marks on the ground. I got a rag and cleaned them up.