Thursday, March 05, 2015

4am Meeting and the Chocolate Line.

Dreamed that I and some other people were sitting on the floor close to Amma. Amma was in her usual bright white saree giving darshan to people. I was sitting in meditation posture a little bit on Amma's left about 5 feet from her. The guy on my right was wearing grey and white striped pants and a dark red shirt. It was about midnight and Amma said that she had to finish up before 4am so she could go to a meeting at 4am. Amma said "Even kids in the chocolate line are asking questions so please no more questions." (The "chocolate line" was like a line for people new to Amma.) Amma wanted to make sure she hugged everyone before she had to leave for her meeting. One guy (Priyan, a Lebanese guy) was ahead of me getting his hug and he whispered something in Spanish into Amma's left ear. Amma then said "Muy." which means "very". I asked the guy in the red shirt if he was going to get a hug and he said "No, I'll just stay here and meditate." I was just getting up for my hug when my alarm rang.