Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dancing with Devotion for Krishna

Dreamed that I was at Tiruvanamalai (the town in Tamil Nadu in south India where Ramana Maharshi lived at the base of the holy mountain Arunanchula). I was walking down the street and then I walked into this spacious lobby of a Krishna temple. Then I started sliding around the floor like I was skating and dancing my devotion to Krishna. It was a wonderful feeling. I was sliding around dancing waving my arms and feeling lots of devotion for Krishna. There were some glass doors and inside the main hall it seemed that there were some young Western Krishna devotees there. Some of them were dressed in white.

Comment: This dream reminds of the stories I've read about Sri Chaitanya and Sri Ramakrishna and how they sometimes danced in devotional ectasy for Lord Krishna.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amma Darshan and Column of Yellow Vibhuti.

Dreamed that I was at this Amma program and I was last in line to get darshan. There were lots of Amma devotees there and Amma was dressed in Her usual white sari sitting in Her darshan chair. To get darshan some of us had to balance this precarious tall thin pile of yellow vibhuti so that it touched our foreheads. It was very tricky to do. I saw one young Indian girl do it (it seemed her name was Veronica). Amma was having fun laughing and joking and telling people how to do it. Then it was my turn and I think I was able to touch my forehead with the column of yellow vibhuti.