Monday, February 06, 2017

Amma Digs Some Holes, Then a Treasure Chest.

Dreamed that Amma was outside at a program. She was sitting on the grass with me and some other devotees sitting nearby. It was a nice sunny day with nice blue skies. Then the scene switched and Amma was digging a big square hole in the ground like a grave. Amma was standing in the hole but it was so deep that she couldn't be seen. All I could see was her shovel coming up and some dirt flying out. Some people nearby were wondering what Amma was doing digging these deep holes? Then Amma put something in the holes and filled them back in. Then I saw Amma sitting next to a wooden treasure chest that was sitting on the dirt on top of one of the holes that Amma dug. The treasure chest had metal braces on the corners and looked like one of those pirate treasure chests you see in the movies.

I got the feeling Amma was putting to rest and resolving some deep emotional issue in me. And the treasure was the insights that arises after some emotional issue is settled.