Tuesday, December 11, 2012

With Amma and Amma's 2nd in Command

Dreamed that I was at this house and Amma was there; it was a suburban house. The guy who owned the house seemed like he was high up in the Amma organization. At one point Amma asked me to come walking with her and the other people would catch up. For a little while it was just Amma and I walking outside the house and talking. Amma was dressed in her usual bright white saree. Amma asked me about my artwork and she wanted to see some of it. At one point I was looking at Amma's face (which is always wonderful to gaze at!). I didn't want to stare too much for fear it would make Amma uncomfortable. I showed Amma some of my paintings but they weren't very good and I didn't feel comfortable showing them to Amma. Then I was with the guy who was 2nd in charge of the Amma organization (it seemed like he was an American dressed in a casual western suit). Some other people were visiting the home and one other important guy showed up. I was supposed to attend a meeting where they were going to discuss some important issues about Amma's organizations. Then Amma was walking with some other people while I was with the 2nd in charge guy. I was thinking that I wanted to be with Amma instead of this guy. At one point I saw Amma wrapped in a blanket.

Comment: Years ago I used to do some painting and drawing. I wasn't very skilled but I enjoyed doing it. It was my main hobby for a few years.

Comment: Later that day after this dream occurred, Amma came to beach satsang wearing a white jacket. Apparently Amma was having a little cold or flu or something like that. Perhaps seeing Amma wearing a blanket in the dream was a little premonition.

Comment: I was in a sour mood the evening before this dream and I think the dream reflects my mood. It was nice to be with Amma but I wasn't feeling the strong devotion like in many earlier Amma dreams.