Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Flower Petals for Amma

Dreamed that I was doing some work for Amma who was giving a program nearby. I got 2 pale blue flower petals and went up to where Amma was sitting in Her chair. Amma was wearing a blue shirt and a white dress with little flowers on them. She looked a little younger than She is now. I was standing near Amma and I held out my hands offering Her the two flower petals. I was looking at Amma with a feeling of awe thinking that She was the embodiment of the supreme consciousness. Amma was in a very thoughtful and somewhat sad mood. It seemed that She was thinking a lot about the suffering of the world and it was weighing heavily on Her mind. Amma looked at me with a sweet smile and said "Thank you." for the flower petals. Then I went close to Her, bent down and touched Her feet. It felt really really wonderful to caress Her feet for just a moment. Then I held Her hand for a moment and then Amma reached out and gave me a nice hug. A very nice Amma dream; very sweet.