Sunday, June 18, 2017

Holding Amma's Hand

Dreamed that at the last minute I got in the greeting line for Amma's arrival to a darshan program. It seemed like we were outdoors. Then I saw Amma walking down the path and touching the hands of all the people on either side of her. She was wearing her usual bright white saree, and there was grass on either side of the path. Before she got to me she stopped at a group of young Indian men. She got on her knees and was hugging one of them and reaching out and grabbing the butt of another young man. Then she stood up, continued walking and came to me. I was on her left side and I reached out and held her left hand. I was thinking she would pull her hand away quickly but she didn't. So I started kissing her hand and holding it to my forehead. It was wonderful! I was feeling a lot of devotion. I could very clearly feel her hand in mine. Been a while since I felt such nice devotion in an Amma dream. Thanks, Amma!

Then the dream switched and my Dad was setting out dinner for me, my Amma friend Sanatan and my younger brother Terry.

Comment: I'm doing a particular spiritual practice until the end of this month and my feeling is that Amma was appreciating the practice.