Friday, January 31, 2014

Amma, Film Crew and Lace Cloth.

Dreamed that Amma was walking around outside and there was also a film crew there filming something. Amma was in her usual white saree. Amma said something like "Hey, Advait, I want you to be in this film." I said "Sure, Amma." I was trying to play it cool. At one point I was close to Amma helping to get things ready for the filming. Then I looked at Amma and some tears came out of my eyes and I was feeling a lot of devotion. I was trying to hide my tears so no one else could see them. There were some important western people nearby sitting on a bench to my left. Then I asked Amma what I should be doing. Amma said "I want you to hold this lace." and I saw a piece of fine lace cloth kind of pinkish in color. The lace had some kind of historical significance.