Thursday, February 15, 2007

Arunachula Dream, 15 Feb 07.

Dreamed that I was at the Ramana Maharshi ashram in the town of Tiru-vana-malai in south India. (As I write this I'm just now remembering that I visited the Ramana ashram *exactly* one year ago when I was in India. Coincidence?) Back to the dream... I was at the ashram walking around with a young lady about 30 years old or so. To my left I could clearly see Arunachula. (Arunachula is a very holy mountain to Indians and is believed to be the embodiment of Lord Shiva. I'm guessing its about 1,500 feet in altitude.) In the dream I saw that they had scraped a wide dirt path straight up from the ashram to the peak, making it much easier to get to the top. It looked like a bulldozer had scraped the path. The ground of the path was rich black dirt and was about 30 feet wide. I could see people walking up the path to the peak. In the distance I saw my deceased friend Gerry Sullivan walking up the path. My lady friend and I began walking up the path and after a few minutes we stopped on the left side of the path to eat. People where serving food along the path. I got a white plate of rice and curry and another plate of fruit and cottage cheese (I could clearly see the pieces of green melon). Before we began eating, the woman pulled out her Amma prayer book (with the purple cover) and in the back were some prayers for Ramana Maharshi. I pulled out my prayer book and turned to the same page. Then I realized I had somehow misplaced my plate of rice and curry. I was looking all over for it and was getting frustrated at myself for being forgetful. During the dream I was feeling a little of the sacred energy of the mountain and it felt good to be there.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Krishna Dream, 13 Feb 07.

Dreamed that I was in this big banquet hall with lots of tables, fancy glasses, vases with flowers, white table cloths and fancy silverware. I was sitting at a table with some other people. We were sampling different alcoholic drinks and they were all really, really delicious. I could feel myself getting a little drunk. At one point a young kid about 9 years old came and took one of my glasses. I took it back from him and he was mad but I didn't want the kid to think it was OK to take something without permission. Then the scene shifted and I was in a room next to the main hall. I was sitting down and another Indian lady was there standing up. Sitting in a chair nearby was Krishna! I was very excited to see Him. Krishna was dressed in simple clothes; a plain white T-shirt and plain, dark pants. He looked like an average young man of about 25 or so. He had a strong chin (like Jay Leno), beautiful smile and a little bit of light blue color underneath His eyes. (Traditionally, Krishna is depicted with blue skin all over.) I just wanted to stare at Him; I was feeling lots of devotion. The Indian lady (who was kind of chubby) blocked my view at one point and I stretched to look around her so I could keep looking at Krishna. I felt very happy to see Krishna. He was very self confident and peaceful. It seems He was waiting backstage before starting some kind of public program.