Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deers and Tigers.

Dreamed that I was walking in the forest along a path. The forest was mostly brown color, I didn't see any green. Then on my left I see this herd of about 7 or 8 deer. These deers were pretty big and husky, like deers on steroids. 2 or 3 of the deer had big antler racks. After a moment the deers noticed me and ran off into the woods. After all the deer were gone I then saw 2 large yellow and black striped tigers looking at me! I became scared and started to run back down the path. I didn't want to get eaten by the tigers. Then I woke up and thought to myself that whenever I see something scary in my dream I should face it directly. As I was falling back asleep I desired to go back into the dream so I could walk toward the tigers.

(This is not really a spiritual dream per se. But whenever I dream about tigers I think of the Hindu Goddess Durga, so I include it on this blog. And Amma is supposed to be an embodiment of Sri Durga in addition to being the embodiment of other divine deities.)

Amma in Black Pants

Dreamed that I and some others were sitting around Amma and she was speaking about various topics. I noticed that she was speaking perfect English. I was really enjoying just gazing at Amma and was thinking "How wonderful it is to be in this small group with Amma." (Normally Amma is surrounded by many many people.) Amma was wearing western clothes; a striped shirt and black slacks. Amma got up and started walking out of the room and I noticed that the zipper on her pants was down. A nearby lady said "Amma, let me fix Your zipper." Amma became upset and said "Why don't people tell me when this happens?!" I felt a little embarrassed for Amma.