Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deers and Tigers.

Dreamed that I was walking in the forest along a path. The forest was mostly brown color, I didn't see any green. Then on my left I see this herd of about 7 or 8 deer. These deers were pretty big and husky, like deers on steroids. 2 or 3 of the deer had big antler racks. After a moment the deers noticed me and ran off into the woods. After all the deer were gone I then saw 2 large yellow and black striped tigers looking at me! I became scared and started to run back down the path. I didn't want to get eaten by the tigers. Then I woke up and thought to myself that whenever I see something scary in my dream I should face it directly. As I was falling back asleep I desired to go back into the dream so I could walk toward the tigers.

(This is not really a spiritual dream per se. But whenever I dream about tigers I think of the Hindu Goddess Durga, so I include it on this blog. And Amma is supposed to be an embodiment of Sri Durga in addition to being the embodiment of other divine deities.)


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