Thursday, August 25, 2011

Near Amma; "Get Paul"

Dreamed that me and about 6 other people where in a living room. Amma came in and I bowed down to Her. Then Amma sat down and spoke about different kinds of spiritual teachings. I had a meditation cushion that was filled with sand and I was hitting it to flatten it out. Someone said "Hey. Don't make that noise." Amma was sitting on the sofa and I was sitting beside Her. Then Amma moved to the ground and She indicated for me to sit next to Her, which I did. It felt very nice to be with Amma with such a small group of people. At one point Amma said "Hey. Get Paul from upstairs." Then I moved to sit in front of Amma. She looked like a Western lady. I was feeling a lot of pleasure to be so close to Amma. There was more to the dream that I wish I could remember.

(Comment: The day before I got a nice Amma darshan. After the hug She gave me a nice smile.)


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