Thursday, March 03, 2011

Amma as Young Western Girl

Dreamed that I was at an Amma program skating up and down the hall in my sock feet on the wood floor. Amma was giving darshan and I was on Her left side. Then the dream shifted and I was holding Amma's feet. It felt really wonderful! Her feet had light skin color. I was feeling a lot of devotion and started to cry a little bit. Amma said "What's this? Why are you crying?" I looked up and Amma was a beautiful very young western girl about 3 years old. She had beautiful eyes. Then Amma said "Clean the bathroom. People may need to use the bathroom soon." I then noticed that other people were coming into the hall.

Commentary: I've had many, many dreams about skating on a floor in my sock feet. They're usually very fun dreams; I love the feeling of gliding along the floor just like an ice skater glides on the ice.