Saturday, April 05, 2008

Amma With Poweful Eyes

Dreamed that I was at this busy place with lots of people like a train station. This train was going by and suddenly something happened and the train stopped. Everyone was nervous and keyed up. The train was full of cartoon characters that looked like the Simpsons. It seemed that Bart had stopped the train as a prank. All the cartoon characters got off the train. Later on all they all returned but now they looked like real people.

Then the dream shifted and I was at a table sitting across from Amma. She was wearing a maroon polo shirt and looked like a large fat guy but Her eyes were very powerful. She was telling me something but I was mezmerized by Her eyes. I was thinking how amazing it was to be having a conversation with the Divine Mother of the Universe. I was also surprised that there were not a lot of other people wanting to be near Amma. There was just one other guy at the table and he was focusing on his lunch. Amma's powerful eyes put me into a sleepy trance state and I laid my head on the table and fell asleep. Here eyes were dark bluish-gray with a thin ring of bright light blue around them. I wish I could remember what She said to me.