Monday, February 24, 2014

Snoozing with Elephant and Amma in Yellow Hat

Dreamed that I was hanging around this large gentle elephant. At one point the elephant laid down on its right side and I laid down next to its big belly. I laid down on my right side and rested my head on one of the front legs of the elephant with my back against its belly. Me and the elephant both wanted to take a little snooze. It felt nice to feel safe right next to such a big animal.

(Comment: At the ashram in India where I live they sometimes have 2 elephants visit. They're considered to be "Amma's elephants".)

Then I dreamed I was with Amma and she was happily wearing and showing off a new yellow hat. It was a simple hat light yellow in color. Then Amma wanted to wear one of her older yellow hats. I got the old hat off the wall and gave it to Amma. It had sentimental value for Amma and she wanted to save it. Amma wore this hat when she was younger and it had special meaning for her. Amma was in a good mood smiling and laughing showing off her hat.

Earlier in the dream I entered a big hall shortly before Amma entered from another door. Amma walked into the hall and I was looking at her right side as she walked by. There were lots of other devotees around. I bowed down to Amma but I was feeling kind of sheepish because I wasn't doing as much work as the other devotees. I remember wearing a backpack.