Monday, June 24, 2013

Link to Other Amma Dreams

Here's a link to some Amma dreams by other devotees. I enjoyed reading them.

No Darshan, but Massage from Amma

Dreamed that I was in line with some devotees to get Amma darshan. I was last in line and there were about 10 people in front of me. I saw all of them getting very nice darshans. Then it was my turn and I was kneeling in front of Amma but Amma just ignored me and didn't give me darshan. I felt embarrassed because the other people were watching. Then I sat down in meditation posture in front of Amma facing away from her. I was sitting on her left side and Amma was behind my back sitting on a raised platform. Then I just started to do my usual silent meditation. And then Amma (still sitting behind me) started rubbing and massaging my shoulders, arms and head. Wow! This was great. It was unexpected and I was delightfully surprised. Then Amma came down and sat in front of me and started gently pulling my arms as though she was giving me some kind of bodywork to remove muscle tension. It was wonderful! Amma was speaking to me but I don't remember what she said. As she was finishing the massage, Amma said she wanted me to work on this other project; something to do with environmental health.