Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Amma in Zoot Suit Pants and a Government Appointment

Dreamed I was at this large stadium seating hall. The seats angled up from the stage and most everything there was painted in white. We were waiting for Amma to arrive and I was with some other Amma devotees way up high near the back of the hall. Amma came to the stage and was standing next to the wooden podium. She was wearing baggy medium gray pleated trousers with silver chain belts and a button down light gray shirt. Amma had wide hips and was in a playful mood showing off her fancy pants to the big crowd. The pants reminded me of "Zoot Suit" pants that were once popular in America back in the 1940's and 50's I think. Amma seemed to be giving the message that she was going to become more engaged with worldly affairs.

Also someone was telling me that Amma had been appointed to the "Kerala Agricultural Commission" or something like that. I was a little surprised that Amma accepted an official position in the Kerala government.