Friday, August 10, 2012

Amma in Elevator and then Spinning Around

Dreamed we were standing outside an elevator and the doors were almost closed. Amma was inside dancing and singing with people. Then a little later Amma came out of the elevator and gave me a nice hug. It felt wonderful! People were watching me holding Amma. Then Amma stepped away and started spinning around and she said something like "Amma doesn't need a hug." She was dressed in her usual bright white saree.

Amma in Front of Restaurant.

Dreamed that I was walking thru this small city with my bicycle and we were going to meet some people. Then, much to my surprise, we saw Amma sitting on a chair on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant. I thought "Oh my gosh! There's Amma!" Then I grabbed a chair to sit next to her. Right then Amma popped out of her chair and went into the restaurant. I was, of course, disappointed.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Hug From Amma in Classroom

Dreamed that I was in this meeting room like a large classroom. I was sitting on the floor against the back wall. Amma came by, sat down on the floor on my right side and gave me a wonderful hug. Her left arm was around my back and I was holding her right arm with my left arm. At one point she leaned forward over my knees and I tilted my head and put my face in her long black wavy hair. She was wearing her usual bright white saree. It's hard to express how wonderful it was to feel Amma hugging me. I felt filled with her love and compassion. A very wonderful dream.