Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flying to Giant Padmasambhava

Dreamed that I was walking down this pleasant country road when I saw this house with some big windows. Inside I could see a really big brass gold colored statue of Guru Rinpoche a.k.a. Padmasambhava. He was in a seated posture displaying some kind of hand mudra. Then I was walking thru this nice meadow and I wanted to fly. Then I flew up into the sky and began flying over the treetops. It was great fun! I wanted to fly some more but I came back down near the house. I went inside to the room with the Padmasambhava statue. I was walking around the room and marveling at how big the statue was (about 11 feet tall and very massive). I remember clearly seeing Padmasambhava's face and thin twirly mustache. His expression looked just a tad fierce. The house was decorated very nicely like a rich person's house; traditional furniture and design.

(Note: Padmasambahva is a quasi-mythical figure who founded Tibetan Buddhism in the 9th or 10th century. Many Tibetan Buddhists consider him to be the 2nd Buddha. He has a fascinating life story and a google on him is recommended.)