Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kissing the Feet of Pope Francis.

Dreamed that I was in a living room with some other people and Pope Francis (he was dressed in pure white). We were all sitting on nice sofas and Pope Francis was sitting on a sofa opposite me. The other people were reporters asking him questions. At one point I felt the strong desire to get the darshan of Pope Frances so I stood up and bowed down to his feet. Then I kissed his right foot and was holding on to both his feet. I was feeling a lot of devotion just like the devotion I feel in some of my Amma dreams. Then I went back to my sofa and I started to cry a little bit with feelings of devotion to the Pope. Pope Francis was wearing soft light brown leather shoes with open toes and also wearing light brown warm socks.

Comment: "Darshan" is a Sanskrit word which means to receive the blessing of a holy person.