Thursday, January 08, 2009

Walking in Circles and Holding Amma's Feet..

Dreamed that I was walking in circles on a driveway outside a regular suburban house. I was chanting various mantras. I did this sadhana the whole night. While still in the dream, I dreamed that I woke up and I couldn't remember if I had walked in circles the whole night or had fallen asleep. Then I walked into a room and saw Amma sitting in a tall chair. She was wearing western clothes and white socks and Her feet were about 3 or 4 feet above the floor. I was very happy to see Amma! I went up to Her and grabbed Her left foot with both my hands and then held it to my forehead. I was feeling lots of devotion and feeling very lucky to be able to hold on to Her feet. After a few moments Amma pulled Her foot away. She seemed to be saying "OK, that's enough." I felt a little like I had done something wrong when She pulled Her foot away. Then I sat down on the floor in front of Her. Amma was busy talking to people and I felt happy just to be watching Her.