Sunday, July 15, 2012

Amma in Blue Shirt Teaching Us

Dreamed that me and some other people were laying in these blue reclining chairs. Amma was walking back and forth in front of us teaching us something (I wish I could remember what). She was in a relaxed mood and was smiling beautifully. Amma looked to be about 30 years old and she was very beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of her; watching her face and especially her eyes which were large and beautiful. Her skin was a beautiful shade of brown like chai. She was wearing a blue shirt. I noticed that I was wearing shorts; that made me feel a little uncomfortable, but Amma didn't seem to care. The other people seemed to be wearing long pants. Our feet were facing Amma, but she didn't seem to care about that either.

At one point I noticed a blue folding table next to me on my right side. Amma asked me to hand it to her and I did. My attitude was "I'll happily do whatever you say, Amma. Just ask." The man in the chair to my left wanted to learn the Pali language and some westerner was going to teach him.

Comment: A lot of color blue in this dream; I'd like to know what that means.