Saturday, July 28, 2007

Amma Unhappy With Organization Style

Dreamed that I was in Seattle with a young woman who was a small plane pilot. The woman looked like Vera; who is my lover. We looked out over a bay and there were windy dark clouds moving quickly above the water. After a while the sky cleared up a little and we could take off. We took off on a runway that was a pier that went over the water. At the end of the runway we had to pull up quickly to avoid a grassy hill. As the plane was flying over the water there was a lot of wind shaking the wings, but I felt we were safe. I wanted to fly to the east coast to see Amma, but the pilot could only take me as far as San Francisco. From there I took a flight to the Amma program on the east coast. The program seemed to be somewhere in South Carolina or Georgia.

I arrived at the Amma program and went to the check-in desk. I was wondering if I was too late and had missed the program. The lady there said that Amma was doing Devi Bhava tonight. Yay! I was happy. On the desk was a map of the US that showed all the Amma groups around the country. I saw a lot of groups.

Then Amma walked into the hall and I was filled with joy and devotion to see Her again. Amma was not in Devi Bhava clothes but was rather wearing a western dress (some kind of black and white checker print). Amma sat down and I was able to get in close. Then, in a strong way, Amma said She was not happy that Her organization was becoming so strict and controlling. Amma said She felt like She was being put into a box. Amma was not wearing her Devi Bhava clothes as a protest to the excess control. Amma was being fierce and clear. Amma wanted her organization to be more relaxed so that people could relax and be more themselves. As She was speaking, I was looking closely at Her face and eyes so I could fully absorb Her amazing power and depth. It was a very powerful feeling! I was feeling lots of awe and devotion. Then Amma picked some new people to be in charge. I was not picked and felt a little disappointed. The new people sat near Amma and wore robes that were light green in color.