Friday, February 13, 2009

In a Truck with Amma

Dreamed that Amma and I were standing in the back of a pickup truck driving down the road. We were somewhere in Virginia (the state where I live). The scenery was countryside and rolling hills. I was standing near the cab of the truck facing backwards and Amma was standing on the other end of the truck bed facing forwards toward me. She was wearing regular clothes. Between us was a table and on the table was a big blueprint contstruction drawing. We were holding down the drawing to make sure it didn't blow away. I felt very blessed to be working with Amma. At one point Amma said to me "You were born in Kentucky, weren't you?" I said "Yes Amma, how did you know?" And then I thought to myself "Wait a minute, Amma knows everything." Amma and I were making conversation and I told Her I left Kentucky when I was three.

Then we got to this normal house where Amma was staying. It felt nice to be spending time with Amma. There was another western woman in the house. Amma was standing in the doorway and She told me the shower in there was not very tall so I may need to find another shower. And I said something like "You're right, Amma, I don't want to bang my head." And then I jerked my head to one side and said "Bong!" like my head got banged. Amma laughed. I felt happy to see Amma laugh.

There was more to the dream and I wish I could remember it.