Friday, October 11, 2013

Sleeping in Same Room with Amma.

Dreamed that Amma and I were sleeping in the same room and we got up and Amma was there. I went to a silver sink to rinse my hands. Amma said "OK, I have to go." It felt like we were in Italy. Then, in another part of the dream I was feeling kind of tired and sleepy and we were in a big crowd and somehow I was sitting next to Amma or waiting for Amma. I had my hands in my pockets and I was wearing a yellow robe which was unusual. In another part of the dream I saw a sign that said "This area is only for senior staff members of the Amma tour." so I couldn't go there. I remember standing outside a building waiting for Amma and I was feeling bored and tired and I just wanted to go lay down and do something else. I remember seeing some people dressed in yellow.

(Comment: This was a pretty jumbled and incoherent dream with no clear narrative.)

Monday, October 07, 2013

Amma Tells Me to Get a Picture

Dreamed that I was having a meal at a table with a bright white tablecloth. I think I was eating alone and then Amma came to the table (she was dressed in her usual bright white saree). Amma was seated on my right hand side and I was thinking "Wow! How wonderful to be alone with Amma!" Amma's mood seemed a little bit serious. Then Amma told me I could have a certain picture that's on her wall that showed Amma either walking or sitting; I can't remember. I got a blue ink pen and was writing the details on a paper napkin. The pen was tearing the napkin a little. I was trying to act natural and relaxed around Amma. Then Amma left. As I was leaving I saw Adam Friend (he's another guy who lives here at the ashram). Adam said "Make sure and put on your good white clothes before you go get the picture." And I replied "Yes, of course. I plan to do that."

Then I started dreaming about trying to find my smartphone so I could record the dream. The smartphone screen was showing different movies and games and I was having a hard time getting it into voice record mode. At one point it started playing an X-rated movie; just shows you where my priorities are... :-)  I finally woke up and recorded the dream.

Comment: Adam Friend has appeared in one or two of my previous Amma dreams.