Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Amma Melting in White House

Had an Amma dream last night, the first one I've remembered in about 6 months or more. I was walking quickly through a big white house with lots of rooms and stairs, trying to find something. Everything was painted white. At one point I turned left into a bedroom and saw Amma sitting up in a bed with lots of white sheets and She was wearing Her usual bright white saree. I have a vague memory that my sister was also there with Amma; not sure. As soon as I saw Amma, I joyfully and with lots of devotion ran up to Her, sat down beside the bed and took Her hand in mine. I was feeling lots of love and I said "Oh, Amma." a few times. Amma was smiling quietly. After a minute or two Amma seemed to change shape and become misshapen, like She was melting a little bit. Then I started to feel nervous holding Her hand because I started to think it was a mouse that was going to bite me.

(Earlier that night some mice had come into my room and I had to scare them away.)