Friday, March 12, 2010

What are you doing here?

Dreamed that I was helping out at an Amma program. Amma arrived and nicely greeted some people. Then I was in a hallway and Amma walked thru with some devotees surrounding Her. Amma glanced at me for a second and Her expression seemed to say "What are you doing here?" It seemed that She was annoyed with me for some reason; I didn't know why. I felt chagrined and bowed to Amma as She walked away down the hall. Amma was in a dark blue dress.

Commentary: I arrived back in the Amritapuri ashram a few days ago after spending about 10 weeks back in the US visiting friends and family. Maybe in the dream Amma was telling me She wanted me to stay in the US?! I hope I didn't mess up! (smile)