Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gazing At Amma While She Radiates Love

Dreamed that Amma was coming back to the ashram and there was a lot of construction going on. At one point I saw them tearing down the "B" building. The wall that they were tearing down was bright blue cinder block. Then I was resting and relaxing in an easy chair next to Amma's new office. Then Amma (dressed in white) came in and sat at her desk and a brahmacharini (female disciple) handed Amma some reports on electricity usage at the ashram. I was still relaxing in the easy chair on Amma's right hand side. I had a blanket over me. I was delighted to look at Amma's face as she looked at the reports and interacted with the brahmacharini. Amma was radiating pure love and bliss as usual. I kept repeating to myself "Just an unending river of love." as I was gazing at Amma's face. I had a wonderful feeling inside. I tried not to look at Amma too much cause I was a little afraid they would find me and make me leave. At one point Amma glanced at me briefly. A very nice dream.

Commentary: Today I moved into my new (supposedly permanent) room here at the ashram. Hopefully I won't need to move any more. The room is very close to the center of the ashram which is very nice.