Sunday, February 24, 2008

Woman Strapped to Me and Amma Morning Darshan

Dreamed that I was at this morning Amma program. I was sitting in a long wooden pew next to an attractive older woman. Next to her was her husband or boyfriend. I was talking with her but was aware that I and her male companion did not have a connection. Then the dream switched and the woman was smaller and comfortably strapped to my chest and facing toward the front. She and I were walking around talking and sharing and having a nice time. Then I undid straps and set her down. Then I realized that the morning darshan with Amma was almost over and I was debating whether to have darshan now or at Devi Bhava later in the evening. Finally I decided to have it now and I walked toward the front of the hall. There were only a few people around. I had to untangle my malas before I saw Amma. As I was getting closer to Amma I was wondering what I could get Her to bless because She had already blessed my malas. I could clearly see Amma in Her bright white sari sitting in Her darshan chair. The dream ended before I got my darshan. Usually my emotions are pretty strong when I dream of Amma but this time my emotions were more subdued.