Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sleepy Amma

Dreamed I was helping out with an Amma fundraising project. It was going well and we collected a lot of coins. I was in a bedroom washing the coins in a blue washtub. Amma and my friend Sanatan were both sleeping in the bed. They were separated and not close to each other, so it was innocent. Sanatan needed to be there to get Amma's grace. I stood up to leave. I thought it unusual that Amma was sleeping such a long time. Amma groggily woke up and saw me. I was feeling very honored to be in the same room as Amma. I bowed to Amma and started to do a prostration to Her. Amma told me to close the door so She could go back to sleep. Sanatan remained asleep. I closed the door and went into the bedroom next door and went to bed. Amma was on Her US tour and I felt very blessed to be sleeping in the room next to Her and helping out with the tour. The house was kind of old and grubby but I figured it was just Amma's way of saving money.