Monday, April 13, 2009

Amma on Stage Again

Dreamed that I was on the stage a celebrity event with lots of famous and other people also on the stage. I was looking out over the audience. There was a lot of excitement in the crowd. And then Amma was on the stage. It seemed the program was just about over. Amma gave some guy on stage a last minute hug. Someone on the stage near me said "Oh, this is Amma's last speech." When I heard that I thought "No, Amma still will do more programs." I was standing behind Amma and Her hair was very curly like an African woman's hair. I could see some gray in Her hair. Then somehow I was in Amma's arms and She was talking to me in a sweet way. Then Amma said something like "What people need is loving pairs around them." By "pairs" it seemed that Amma meant partners like spouses or significant others.